Le’Nise’s tips on the benefits of cherries for your menstrual health

We’ve been working with the amazing Le’Nise Brothers (@eatlovemove), registered nutritionist specialising in women’s health, hormones and the menstrual cycle, Author of ‘You Can Have a Better Period’ and luckily for us, one of our #NoPeriodPants campaign ambassadors.

Le’Nise says “I’ve been working with Love Fresh Cherries for the launch of its #NoPeriodPants campaign, which seeks to raise awareness of missed periods and amenorrhea. Their newly commissioned research found that a staggering two-thirds of British women (62%) experienced a loss of periods for three months or more, and over half of British women (52%) missed a period at least once in their lifetime.”

Le’Nise highlights the reasons why cherries can help with menstrual health:

  • Good source of potassium – One cup of cherries contains 7% of our daily requirement of potassium, a mineral that can be helpful for reducing premenstrual bloating.
  • Provides plenty of Vitamin C – Fresh cherries are a great source of vitamin C, which is necessary to support healthy ovulation.
  • Great source of copper – One cup of cherries contains 10% of our daily requirement of copper, a mineral which helps your body make energy and use iron effectively.
  • Supports gut health – Fresh cherries are also full of fibre, which helps you to have regular periods, supports good gut health and helps you maintain healthy estrogen levels.
  • Provides essential hormones – Fresh cherries are a great source of phytoestrogens which help to balance estrogen and progesterone levels. These are two of the hormones that help females have healthy periods and menstrual cycles. 


For more information on the benefits of cherries on menstrual health from Le’Nise Brothers and Love Fresh Cherries, follow us on Instagram on @eatlovemove and @lovefreshcherries.

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