Put The Cherry On Top of Your Workouts With These Tips From The Soul Sisters

The Soul Sisters a.k.a Maddy and Alex have all the tips and tricks on harnessing the power of cherries for your summertime workouts. With both sisters having a keen interest in nutrition, and with Maddy’s degree in Nutritional therapy, they know how eating the right things can really promote your health.

The Soul Sisters say, “There is no better place to start than talking about one of our absolute favourite fruits which is just about to come into season… the fresh CHERRY! Not only do they taste great but cherries are especially high in polyphenols, a large group of plant chemicals that help fight cellular damage, reduce inflammation and promote overall health. With fresh cherries providing multiple health benefits which are particularly good for women at all stages in life”.

You know after a hard workout when you wake up and feel so sore and stiff? Well, cherries can help.

  • One bowl of cherries eaten post workout contains 6.8mg of anthocyanins, more than any other fruit which works to reduce post-workout muscle damage, inflammation and soreness!
  • They are also great to add in a pre workout shake or snack, as a bowl contains 10% RDA of potassium, which is higher than both strawberries and apples.
  • Potassium helps to support boosted energy levels which may help you feel less tired

For more from the amazing Soul Sisters follow them (and us) on Instagram on @soulsistersfitness @lovefreshcherries

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