No Period, pants

‘No Period, pants’ a campaign organised by Love Fresh Cherries, focuses on improving women’s awareness of the medical condition, amenorrhea (uh-men-o-REE-uh).

A recent survey* carried out by Love Fresh Cherries has revealed that a staggering two-thirds of British women are experiencing a loss of periods, a condition known as amenorrhea.

One of the factors responsible for the condition is poor nutrition, and with over two-thirds of cherry shoppers being women, Love Fresh Cherries is on a mission to help women be healthy by educating them on the nutritional benefits of cherries.

To help raise awareness of the survey findings, Love Fresh Cherries has partnered with three brilliant, inspiring and equally passionate ambassadors who have shared their stories and insights into what the results mean to them and other women with the condition.


Hear what our ambassadors have to say here

In April 2022, Love Fresh Cherries surveyed 2,000 British women aged 18 – 50and asked them a host of questions to find out how well they know their bodies. The results were overwhelming: 85 percent of women said they want a better understanding of their bodies, specifically their menstrual health.

* Survey carried out by 3Gem amongst 2,000 UK women aged 18 – 50 in April 2022 on behalf of Love Fresh Cherries, the UK’s National Cherry Association.

Meet our No Period, pants crew…

Le’Nise Brothers is the No Period, pants campaign lead and registered nutritionist, Le’Nise Brothers, mBANT, mCNHC, specialises in women’s health, hormones and the menstrual cycle. She is also the host of the Period Story podcast which aims to break taboos around menstrual health and hormones.  Her first book You Can Have A Better Period was released in March 2022.

Le’Nise has helped hundreds of women improve their menstrual and hormone health through her private practice and group programmes, her Instagram page and talks and workshops for the likes of Stylist, MindBodySpirit Festival, WellFest Ireland, WellFest UK, Channel 4, Boden, eBay and TikTok.

Find her at @eatmovelove


Chlo Hodgkinson is our amenorrhea & female health advocate, Chlo’s mission is to raise awareness around harnessing female health, amenorrhea & disordered eating to help women finally break free from diet culture and think health first. AKA The Period Party Girl, Chlo actively supports women through her platform Female Feel Good Club.

Find her at @chlohodgkinson

Jordan Foster, is the owner & head coach of PMGCoaching. Jordan is a passionate runner and a first-time mum to a wonderful, wild 19-month-old daughter. Over the years, she has gone from a casual runner, to exercise addiction resulting in amenorrhea and body dysmorphia, to making a full recovery, falling pregnant with her daughter and having a much happier, and healthier relationship with running and exercise. Jordan hopes that by sharing her experience, she will help other women reach out for help if they are struggling.

Find her at @projectmarathongirl

Dr Frankie Phillips is an Independent Registered Dietitian and member of the British Dietetic Association, with over 20 years’ experience, Frankie has a wealth of experience in communicating a sensible fad-free approach to healthy eating for all ages.