Cherry and Rosemary Focaccia

A sweet twist on the classic Italian bread!


Tip the flour into a large bowl. Add the yeast on one side of the bowl, and the salt to the other side the mix together, this is to make sure the salt and yeast don’t touch as the salt kills the yeast. Make a well in the centre, then pour the water into the well. Mix with yours the form a soft dough, it shouldn’t be too sticky, add a little more flour if it looks too wet. Tip onto a clean surface and knead for around 10 mins.

Clean the bowl and add a tbsp of the olive oil. Move the dough into the bowl, cover with cling film and leave to rise for around an hour, or until double in size.

Tip a tbsp oil into a 30cm x 20cm roasting tin. Tip the dough into the tin, squashing out the air as you do so. Use your hands to press it into the corners and flatted it out into a rectangle. Top with the cherry halves and scatter with the rosemary leaves. Cover with cling and leave to rise for 30 mins. Heat the oven to 220C/200C fan.

Once the dough has risen, drizzle with the remaining olive oil, scatter with sea salt and bake for 20 mins, until golden. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for 15 mins, then slice and serve.

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500g strong white bread flour
7g sachet dried yeast
350ml lukewarm water
1 tsp table salt
150g love cherries cherries, halved and pitted
3 sprigs rosemary, leaves picked
75ml olive oil
Sea salt